Can’t Sing Won’t Sing

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It is often said that all the things that will bring you your greatest joy lie outside of your comfort zone!

Throughout my singing and teaching career I have been struck at how something so natural, so much a part of us, can exclude so many from tapping into the aliveness that singing brings.

So many times I have heard people say “I can’t sing” or “I have been told I can’t sing”.

One lady I worked with vividly recalled being told by her own mother at the tender age of 3 not to embarrass her by singing in front of a roomful of relatives. Consequently, she hadn’t sung at all since and it affected her confidence in so many other aspects of her life as well.

Unfortunately she is not the only one I have come across. I have lost count of the number of adults I have met who were perhaps told to be quiet by teachers, schoolfriends, parents, siblings, other family members music teachers and choir leaders in their younger days and who haven’t dared open their mouths to try to sing again. This makes me extremely sad as they are being denied the myriad of benefits singing can make to their lives.

Anyone can learn to sing, and it is my mission to prove this and I want to free as many people as possible from the constraints they feel that stop them from doing it.

Does this sound like you? Were you ever told to be quiet, laughed at or perhaps asked to stand at the back of the choir and maybe mime the words? If so, I hear you, I understand and would love to help you sing again. Get in touch now by booking a call and we’ll chat about how we can get you there.

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